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Teaching young toddlers the ABC can be a challenging and fun activity! Getting this first lesson right, is important, as this is going to be the first formal learning experience for the child, and sets his mindset and attitude for lessons ahead. So it is important for teachers to be well-skilled to make this an interesting learning experience for the young student, who is at this age – eager to lap up knowledge in this exciting, new world that is opening up to him.

Some smart ways of teaching are those that incorporate the maximum use of sensory skills. So teachers must use visual representation, sound, feel and touch to get the same message across, so that:

  1. The message is iterated in different ways and this gives a holistic learning experience to the child.
  2. Different children find different mediums easy to understand, so using a mix, enables each child to learn better through the medium he is naturally best suited to.

Here are some ways the different sensory skills can be used, and ways at which Treamis too looks at teaching its young students.


  • Looking at alphabet posters.
  • Looking at alphabet books.
  • Looking for letters in the newspaper or magazines.


  • Listening to the ABC song.
  • Singing the ABC song.
  • Listening to and repeating nursery rhymes that mention certain letters.

Touch and Movement

  • Touching plastic alphabet shapes.
  • Tracing letters cut from sandpaper with fingers.
  • Making letters out of clay.