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Math Day

Math day epitomised Treamis’s talent, enthusiasm and devotion to the subject -Math. The day started off with an assembly filled with puzzles, a quiz and a plethora of information from the high school students. Grade 9 organised two plays. Both of them were excellent because they perfectly explained the importance of currency and how exchange rates work. Just when everyone thought the collection of math related acts were over, it was time for the the math parody. From the popular song by Nicki Minaj- Super Bass, came a math parody that was the magnificent cherry on the math day assembly.

Students from grades 1-7 were not idle. During the morning half, each class held their own exhibition of math related projects, activities and games. The 7th grade even set up stalls to sell snacks and play games. The afternoon session saw a quiz competition organised for the primary school, while the high school listened to a talk by guest lecturer Prof. KN Srinivasa Murthy.

Abhinav Mahesh, AS Level

Waste Management – Kindergarten Activities

The four R’s at Treamis are Reading, Writing, Rithmetic – and Recycling! Kindergarten students learnt the value of making the best out of the waste and protecting our resources with three activities – recycling, wet waste composting and waste segregation.

For the recycling activity, they shaped their waste stationery products into useful items such as hand puppets, pencil stands and drums. They then learnt the colour codes important for waste segregation. Later, they visited the school garden, where the gardener showed them how to use the compost pit and the value of earthworms in the garden.

The youngest students had fun and took away some important lessons about their environment at the same time.

Shoots and Sprouts

Shoots and Sprouts 2

“Okay, listen up children”, said the teachers “We are going to have a garden of our own here at Treamis”. “Ma’am can we bring green gram?” said one student, another student wanted to bring brinjal sapling, another some red lentils and so on. The enthusiasm of the students was so evident. They could not wait to start on this project. The main objective or purpose of this project is waste management, where wastage of food along with fruit and vegetable peels are used to make manure in a compost pit that has been dug up in a corner of the fruit and vegetable patch adjacent to the playground. Also, it serves as a good means to teach children about healthy eating and also instil a sense of responsibility in the students towards their environment and become responsible for their own self and their belongings.

The students of Grades 5, are undertaking the responsibility of maintaining the fruit and vegetable patch. The students of grades 5, 6 and 7 have to collect the food waste from the cafeteria and make a layer of this along with a layer of leaves and mud. Our school gardener Chinappa procured worms from a nearby field and left them into the compost pit.

Pots were arranged in rows and columns ready for the students to sow their seeds. Also square patches in between the pots served proper to plant onion, potato, corn, wheat and green gram sprouts. Ragi millets were spread in small pots bordering the entire patch. Apart from these, spinach seeds, green chilli, turnip, raddish were also planted. The students were advised by the gardener to water the patch and pots every alternate day. Some stem cut outs of flowering plants were also planted in medium size pots by students of grade 6.

Students of grade 7 will be planting fruit trees such as papaya, pomegranate, guava, curry leaves etc.