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Olympiad Achievers

Olympiad Achievers

TREAMIS students shine in International Olympiads.

Treamisians have done it again! Our young learners secured the top five International ranks in the Olympiad Exams.

Svojas Pradhan got International Rank 1 in the Mathematical Olympiad, while Mugil Karunaa V secured international rank 2 in Social Studies Olympiad. Vedant Tirupula got an international Rank 4 in the English Olympiad.

Dhruv Kishan from grade 6 got the International Rank 8 in the English subject and also a rank holder in the National Cyber Olympiad.

Other notable achievers are:

Dwisha Kshatriya, Grade 8 (rank 4), Advai Shukla, Grade 8(rank 9), Ishira Guruprasad, AS Level (rank 9) in the Inetrnational English Olympiad.

Aparna Das, Grade 5 (rank 8 and 10) in National Science Olympiad and International Mathematical Olympiad respectively.

Aaryaehi Purwar, Grade 8 got the Medal of Distinction in the International General Knowledge Olympiad.

A special shoutout goes to:

Dhruv Kishan of Grade 6 for bagging 3 medals of distinction and 3 for excellence.

Rayirth Purwar of Grade 6 for getting Medals of Excellence in all 6 Olympiads.

Srilakshmi A of Grade 6 for landing 3 Medals of Excellence and 1 Medal of Distinction.

Hearty congratulations on your success!!


Experiential Learning at Starting Point

Experiential Learning at Starting Point

How to be a dad? How to act like a mom? How do they care for children? The prekindergarten children learnt these and many other functions in a family through role playing.
While the lower kindergarten children learnt about the roles and responsibilities of people on the campus engaged in different functions such as nurse, drivers, pool lifeguards, etc, by interviewing them, the upper kindergarten children learnt about the five senses through a fascinating and tasty cookie baking experience at the Treamis kitchen.
Sharing the images of the children participating in the various activities.
CAIE Results

CAIE Results

As in the past, Treamis repeats 100% pass in the CAIE results for AY 2022-23.
Bharunishree Manikandan with 7/7 ‘A*’s and Praful Jha with 5/5 ‘A*’s were the toppers in IGCSE. Avnish Chate with 3 ‘A*s’ & 1 ‘A’ and Aadyanth Rao with 2 ‘A*’s & 2 ‘A’s were the toppers in A Level. Avnish has been accepted by the Saarland University, Germany and Aadyanth has secured a spot in University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne in the USA.
Hearty congratulations to all the students, mentors and parents!