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Treamis does it again!  100% results in CAIE.

Treamis does it again! 100% results in CAIE.

Treamis Cambridge Department Does It Again.

Treamis IGCSE Grade 10 students who gave their final Board Examination in Feb/March 2022 continued the Treamis students’ winning habit of achieving 100% results. 40% of the students secured A*. Congratulations teachers, parents and students. Ahaan Pathak, Nishka Jain, Piush Bhandekar,Sarah Sajan (* names in alphabetical order)- Hearty Congratulations again to the Class of 2022 and Batch of 10 IGCSE 2022 for this spectacular achievement.You have made us proud by adorning the ‘School Toppers’ cap, with your high scores.

Treamisians received Country and Global topper awards!

Treamisians received Country and Global topper awards!

Girish Krishnan and Arushi Garg of Treamis International school have won the highly sought-after Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards, 2020-21. They are among the 150 Indian students, who have scooped 177 awards for their outstanding academic achievements in the November 2020 and March 2021 exam series.
Girish Krishnan emerged as the student with the maximum number of awards in the country. He won 10 awards across categories with seven awards for ‘Top in the World’ for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics and one award each for ‘Top in Country’, ‘Best across Four Subjects’ and ‘Best across Three Subjects’. Arushi Garg won the ‘Top in the Country’ for Economics.
Girish Krishnan and Arushi Garg have been with the school from their primary years and currently are pursuing their undergraduate degree at the University of California and the University of Manchester. Their efforts coupled with mentoring by the dedicated and high calibre faculty of Treamis have placed them and the school on the global map.
Treamis Achievers!

Treamis Achievers!

Honor Rolls & Star Awards for AY (2021-22)


The students who demonstrated exemplary performance during the last academic year were recognized. Many of these star students were on the school honor roll.
Their recognition stands out because of their hard work and dedication to acquire the knowledge in the online learning mode at the same level as a student attending the school.
Dr. Srivats Rajgopal, proud parent of Treamis students Supraja & Samyuktha an Associate Research Director and Head of Protein Sciences at Syngene International was the Chief Guest and Keynote Speaker.

Dev Goyal (Grade 9), Yashoda Bajpai Pathangay (Grade 6), Advai Shukla (Grade 7), Poojashree Manikandan (Grade 8), Sanskar Jain (Grade 12), Samarah Piyush (Grade 9), Bharunishree Manikandan (Grade 9), Aadhyanth Rao (AS level), Kyra Antoinette Cobb (A level), Arpit Gpta (Grade 6), Aadi Chaterjee (Grade 6), Mysha Gairola (Grade 6), Sarah Sajan (Grade 10), Haripriya S (Grade 12), Aishwarya Ashok (Grade 11), Abhyuday Pandey (Grade 10) Rahul Krishnan (Grade 11), Nitin Suresh (Grade 10), Kamalini Reddy Sathi (Grade 8), Nivya Jimmy (Grade 7), Aiswaryaa Rajakumar (Grade 9)

for being on the school Honor Roll.

Saanvi Vinay (Grade 6), Ananya R (Grade 12), Suhani S Kumar (Grade 12), Chris Jayson Anand (Grade 12), Keerthi D.A (Grade 11), Pranitha S (Grade 11), Om Sandip Solanki (Grade 10), Saamiya Gupta (Grade 10), Aashna Garg (Grade 9), Vedhika V (Grade 9), Aman Jo Vineeth (Grade 6), Saanvi Vinay (Grade 6), Bianca Mehta (AS level), Aaryaehi Purwar (Grade 7), Kashinath R (Grade 8), Maitrii Prasad (A level), Diya Avinash (Grade 6), Nishka Jain (Grade 10)

for receiving the Treamis Star Award.
Treamis nurtured my passion for Yoga and supported me in my personal transformation.

Treamis nurtured my passion for Yoga and supported me in my personal transformation.

This International Yoga Day June 21, 2021,  Indian Express recognized and appreciated Treamisian Yashwanth of Grade 10 for being one of the many proponents of Yoga. Yashwanth is a youngster who has promoted Yoga among people of all age groups. He has been a student of Treamis from Kindergarten and the school has seen him grow leaps and bounds and gain expertise in the field of Yoga. Treamis Family takes immense pride in celebrating this recognition and achievement with Yashwanth. 
India’s youngest Yoga Champion Yashwanth was honored with the Bharat Ratna Atal Bihari Seva Ratna Award and Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Award by the Government of Karnataka. He has represented India and won first place in various  International Yoga Championships held in South America, Hong Kong, China.
Please click here to read more about Yashwanth.