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Treamis seeks professionals who are committed to further the goals and mission of the organization.

Opportunities are open in administrative and K-12 teaching areas.  If you have experience and qualifications in teaching and academic or non-academic administrative areas, we encourage you to email your resume to

If your qualification and experience meet the requirements of the available job, you will be asked to fill and mail the employment application

For academic management positions, please email your resume in confidence to

Common requirements for all jobs:

Good command over spoken and written English; excellent interpersonal skills, multitasking abilities, and knowledge of MS Office.


  • Administrative Officer: Candidate should be capable of managing/overseeing one or all the administrative functions – Admissions, HR, Finance / Accounts, Procurement, and PR.
  • Student counselors: Provide one-on-one guidance to students, listening to their concerns and helping them make healthy decisions.
  • Vice-Principal/Principal:  Send resume in confidence to
  • Teachers: Physics and English.