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Treamis seeks professionals who are committed to further the goals and mission of the organization.

Opportunities are open in administrative and K-12 teaching areas.  If you have experience and qualifications in teaching and academic or non-academic administrative areas, we encourage you to email your resume to or call 7760362005

If your qualification and experience meet the requirements of the available job, you will be asked to fill and mail the employment application.

For academic management positions, please email your resume in confidence to

Common Requirements For All Jobs:

Good command over spoken and written English; excellent interpersonal skills, multitasking abilities and knowledge of MS Office.




  • Head Of Upper School: The Head of Upper School will manage ALL aspects of Cambridge Lower Secondary, IGCSE, AS and A Level, and IBDP. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing IBDP and CAIE programs.   Candidates with experience as Principal / Vice Principal in other curricula but have a thorough knowledge of IBDP can also apply.
  • Head Of Operations / Administration: The incumbent will manage all non-academic functions of the school such as PR, business development, marketing transportation, housekeeping, security, IT networking, maintenance, new construction, procurement, parent relationship, admissions, HR, and liaising with government agencies. He/ she will be the face of the organization in the absence of the Head of School. The individual should be detail-oriented, have good acumen for business, and have exceptional written and verbal communication skills. Minimum 5 years of experience in school administration at the level of Principal / Vice Principal or Operations Head. 
  • Coordinator: IBDP, Cambridge & PYP
  • STEM Coordinator: The ideal candidate will have experience in developing a grade-appropriate curriculum for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) program. The incumbent will manage the lab directly or through a service provider.
  • Theatre Faculty:  The incumbent will design a theatre program that enhances students’ understanding of dramatic art and uses their imagination to ground themselves in character.  Teaching topics such as Expressions, Voice Modulation, MIME, Use of Body Language, Mono-acting, Anchoring, Hosting events, etc.  
  • Faculty Member: 

                   High School (CBSE): Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mass Media

                   Middle School (CBSE): SST, Mathematics, English, Hindi,


                   IBDP/Cambridge: ToK, GPR mentor, and various subject mentor

                   PYP: Home Room Mentors

                   CBSE Primary: Subject mentors, HRT

                   Pre-primary: Subject mentors

                   All School: SEN (Special Education Facilitator), Student Counselor,

                  Sports, Music, Art, and Yoga.

  • Career Counselor: The candidate should be able to provide guidance to the students in applying to universities and assist the students in choosing their career path. 
  • Hostel:  Residence Hall Director, Wardens
  • Admissions Officer: The ideal candidate must have 3-4 years of experience in handling campus inquiries. The incumbent must have experience in multiple curricula.
  • HR specialist