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The Treamis Arts Division comprises the departments of Visual Arts, Dance & Music. It provides much more than a classroom experience for our students and each department offers studio, non-performing, and performing settings and maintains a well-balanced education that focuses equally on the process of learning as well as the product of our efforts. We believe it is vital that we provide experiences to students that will instill a life-long love for, appreciation of, and involvement in the arts. As such, the Art department supplements our curricular offerings exposing students to an amazing number of opportunities to be involved in exhibits, concerts, recitals and other collaborative performance opportunities.

We believe that the study of fine art is important to everyone at both the individual and societal levels. Students experience the actual application of knowledge and skills on a daily basis with culminating work often approaching or achieving professional levels. The program challenges students to think creatively, encourages risk taking and enables students to apply their problem-solving skills beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, we take great pride that within the Arts Division, we don’t simply read or learn about our subjects; we dance, sing, paint, and sculpt. And, we openly share our work with our peers and our community.

Visual Arts

The activities in the art classes are designed to develop skills of perception, problem solving, understanding, and sensitivity through a variety of experiences. The aim of the art curriculum is to give the students an understanding and appreciation for the endless and constant results of artistic efforts which surround us in our daily lives. The unique character of the art curriculum provides students with an opportunity to express and nurture their creative instincts.
Lower School

In Lower School Visual Art, students explore, speculate and manipulate ideas using a wide scope of materials. We foster an independent spirit. We encourage decision-making, preparing our students for larger decisions in life. Students in Lower School Visual Art focus on exploration rather than imitation.

Middle School

The Middle School Visual Arts Program offers students comprehensive art experiences with detailed explorations in the classics such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design and crafts. The course expands on student knowledge of the elements and principles of design through exploration in a variety of media.
In addition to gaining confidence and proficiency working with a variety of mediums, students will learn about the history, analysis and interpretation of art. Students will study art works of diverse styles, cultures and historic periods.

Upper School

In the Upper School, the students study Art program as per the requirements of the Board curriculum such as Art & Design IGCSE (0400), A/AS Level (9704 / 9479) and CBSE Art Education. Those students who have not opted Art program can work on various art forms

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Treamis music instruction program has diversity of creative thought. This is reflected not only in the styles of music the students learn, but also the means of experiences used to understand and appreciate music intellectually. Often when we learn songs from other countries or different parts of India. There are students who have a firsthand experience with the song or the language or both. Parents and teachers sometimes share songs and dances from their homeland.
Lower School

The music learning of Early Years children is enjoyably explorative with a focus on introductory concepts such as pitch matching, pulse and simple movement. As they continue through their lower school education, the children experience a higher level of difficulty and gain a deeper understanding of the elements of music – melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form. Our concerts are planned to be a true reflection of their learning and love of music. Singing and movement are the activities used to understand these elements. At the annual Showcase, the children demonstrate their music growth in many creative ways in addition to singing.

Upper School

Led by the music educators in the state, students at Treamis have the opportunity to perform music at the highest levels as a part of the excellent Band, Chorus and Orchestra programs.

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The mission of the dance program at Treamis is to produce contributing members of society with an appreciation for the arts. As an art, dance is a conduit of expression and communication. At every level students will learn how to dance with joy, passion, and a respect for technique and history. Students will explore the diversity of the dance world through learning various dance styles, techniques, and genres. All of these elements culminate with opportunities for students to perform in multiple venues in school as well as outside.

The students will Increase psychomotor skills through learning and creating dance movements; develop cognitive skills such as sequence memory, creative thinking, and analysis; gain experience using movement to express an idea or concept; foster cooperative skills by dancing with others in partners and groups.

The lessons use forms such as Bharatanatyam, Bollywood, Ballet, Step dance, Tap dance, Folk dances from around the world.

Lower School

This stage builds upon the foundation of technique and principles of dance. Classes at this level focus on introductory level movement in each of the dance techniques as basic dance vocabulary, performance skills, choreography, improvisation, dance history, and performance appreciation skills.
The children get to investigate elements of dance like sharp energy, which is short and percussive, and smooth energy, which is long and sustained.
Students learn social, cultural, or creative dance forms in one or more units during the school year. Students will learn traditional dances, variations and new dances; learn dances they can use in social events; increase coordination, spatial awareness, and fitness levels; develop cooperation and acceptance of others

Upper School

At this level, classes focus on dance technique and performance, body awareness, dance history, studies of choreographers, guided improvisation, intermediate choreography, elements of dance, and dance critique. Students are required to keep a journal documenting their learning throughout the year.

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