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Shoots and Sprouts – 1 – Published on December 1, 2014

‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, this commonly heard proverb in the literal sense held very true to the students of Grade 5. On the February 16th, the students got to harvest the fruits of the seeds they had planted. They could not contain their excitement and amazement on seeing what their love, effort, hard work and dedication to this project had got them.  The

students got corn cobs, potatoes, tomato, chilly, avrekalu, green gram, mustard seeds, wheat, spinach, coriander, onions, radish, carrots and sesame seeds.  In addition to students, the school gardener Chinnappa put in a lot of effort by helping the students right from sowing to watering the plants.

The journey till the harvest day has been a wonderful experience for these students. Some of the vegetables were consumed by the construction workers on the campus.  The students were happy to see that their work helped few people to have good food.  Though the parents were amazed as to how the students could squeeze some time to work on this activity, they were happy that the children learnt how to make the environment greener.